About Winrays

          Winrays Abacus Academy Which is the Subsidiary of Bodhi Educational Trust is one of the pioneers in the Abacus Educational system, The children’s brain development programme since 2005. our mission is to give the children, the best quality & high standard method of Abacus Education System & hence offer them at most benefit of the system. We combine, the game & fun with the Abacus Learning System. So that the children are more attracted to this course& will be more attentive in the Abacus class room. So that they can intake the maximum benefit of the course.

          Our vast experience in this field can contribute high standard, well disciplined, well planned & better Conduction of this course. Moulding brains and minds in the young at an early age is the sole solution to the burning problems of the globe. The development of healthy human minds can save a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings which, in turn, otherwise, may cause a global conflagration. Every child should be made capable of reasoning with his life’s situation as early as possible. His brain and mind should respond sensibly to his surroundings.

          “Bodhi Educational Trust” is instituted to meet this end. We devise different tools and trainings to help proper education of children at an early age.

          Abacus training ensures wholesome growth of brain in children belonging to the age group of 4 to 14. It is both nourishing and nursing their brain. WINRAYS ABACUS offers “Play & learn” method which makes it further enjoyable and amusing. We are confident that learning from WINRAYS ABACUS can broaden a child’s vision and build-up in him/her stronger sense and sensibility. The mission, we acknowledge, is one of aesthetic fulfillment.

What is ABACUS

          An abacus is a mechanical aid use to counting and calculations like +, -, x, , decimals etc, that consists of beads or disks that can be moved up and down on a series of sticks or strings within a usually wooden frame. The abacus itself doesn't calculate.
Abacus is a Latin word, which originated from the Greek words ‘Abax’ or ‘Abacon’ meaning table or tablet which in turn possibly originated from the Semitic Word ‘Abq’ meaning ‘Sand ’.

Benefits of ABACUS

    Abacus Develop the left & Right Brains Comprehensively, Develop the skill of Analysis, judgment& Self Confidence. , Improves concentration, memory & Observation power. Also develop Imagination, Creative Thinking, perseverance, Logic & reasoning ability & visualization

Why WINRAYS is Best ?
  • Play & learn method.
  • Syllabus based on school curriculum.
  • Book based on activity and games.
  • Parents friendly also.
  • Square roots and Cube roots.
  • Affordable fees structure.
  • 8th levels only
  • Quality Study materials and quality training

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